Vercan Root Barrier

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Vercan Root Barrier: A textured high density polyethylene specially designed to confine tree roots. Easy to install by using a narrow width excavator or spade and flexible enough to form any contour, Vercan Root Barrier is the simple long term solution to prevent cracked paths, roads, pipes and damage to other utilities. Made from recycled HDPE, black 1mm thickness.

Vercan Root Barrier works by deflecting roots. Roots generally will follow the path of least resistance. Most trees will not send roots below 1m depth. The length of the barrier should be between 1m and 2m outside of the drip line of the tree. A trench should be dug to the required depth. Leave the top of the barrier to just below mower height. Backfill.

Vercan Root Barrier Physical Properties
Material   Recycled HDPE
Colour   black
Thickness mm 1
Tensile Strength kN/m 15
Puncture Resistance N 300
Roll Widths mm 600, 900, 1200

All values are typical. The data is as guide only and not intended as a warranty or guarantee, Permathene reserves the right to change the specification contained herein without notice. Updated September 2014.

Turfpave Grass Pavers

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Turfpave XD: A tough Grass Paver which provides architects and developers with a vehicle resistant grassed alternative to concrete, stones and asphalt pavements. Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene. TurfPave XD is suitable for both soils and gravel.

Turfpave Grass Pavers are a permanent lightweight and practical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pavers. Grass Pavers are quick to install and being light they require less handling and labour.

Positioned under the grass surface, Turfpave Grass Pavers distribute loads from traffic including vehicles and pedestrian to the basecourse below. This has the effect of minimising grass and root compaction. In addition the interconnected cells allow roots to develop with minimal restriction resulting in a durable and stable grass surface which is able to withstand heavy loading.

Turfpave Grass Pavers enhance our environment by allowing the creation of stabilised and durable lush lawns which add to the quality and beauty of the environment.


  • Parking areas
  • Domestic vehicle access on lawned areas
  • Sports complexes
  • Show grounds
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Drainage channels
  • Firelanes
  • Shoulder parking
  • Racetrack
  • Slope stabilisation
Turfpave Physical Properties
Material Recycled Polypropylene
Size 500mm x 500mm
Height 40mm
Cell Size (diagonal) 70mm
Weight 4.3 kg/m2
Compressive Strength (sand filled) 3000 tonnes /m2
Compressive Strength (unfilled) 150 tonnes /m2
Biological Resistance Unaffected by mould or algae
Chemical Resistance Resistant to rot, oils, acids, alkalis, bitumen, soil chemicals

Turfpave XD has been tested in accordance with ASTM D695-08 to withstand compression exceeding 3000 tonnes /m2 (4267psi) and exceeds typical load requirements of vehicles, i.e. passenger vehicles up to 28 tonnes /m2, light goods vans up to 42 tonnes /m2, fire engine, container trucks up to 77 tonnes /m2.

Turfpave Brochure Turfpave Installation Guide (soil filled with grass) Turfpave Installation Guide (gravel filled)

Ausdrain Drainage Cell

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Ausdrain is a modular (clips together) horizontal drainage system. It is designed for roof gardens, planter boxes, sports fields, etc.

Ausdrain is a permanent and lightweight system which provides a non-clogging void between the building structure (such as a roof) and soil. The product has a compressive strength of 80 tonnes per m2.

Typically an installation on a roof garden would be similar to the diagram. A Syntex 145 gram, nonwoven geotextile fabric is used as the protection layer for the underlying waterproofing membrane and also acts as a ventilation medium for concrete slabs.


  • Planter boxes
  • Roof gardens
  • Sports fields
  • Under slab drainage
Ausdrain 30mm Physical Properties
Height 30mm
Width 500/1000mm
Length 500/1000mm
Weight 3 kg/m2
Surface Void > 65%
Compressive Strength 80 tonnes /m2
Flow Rate > 14,000 lires/h/m2 at 1% fall
Service temperature -30 C + 120 C
Material Recycled polypropylene
Ausdrain 50mm Physical Properties
Height 50mm
Width 300/1000mm
Length 500/1200mm
Weight 6.5 kg/m2
Surface Void > 90%
Compressive Strength 210 tonnes /m2
Flow Rate > 19,200 lires/h/m2 at 1% fall
Service temperature -30 C + 120 C
Material Recycled polypropylene

Ausdrain is unaffected by moulds, algae, soil borne chemicals and bacteria.

Ausdrain Brochure and Installation Guide

Meihotech C Ringer Pneumatic

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Used extensively in the birdnetting industry. This Meihotech fastening tool is made in Japan. It is very light weight at 1.5kg. It uses PVC coated, stainless steel and galvanised C rings. The C rings are 1.8mm diameter and close to an inside diameter of 8mm.


  • Bird netting
  • Shade cloth
  • Poultry Farms
  • Automotive

For Gabion C Ringers, please go to: Gabion C Ringer

Meihotech M-6W Brochure

Meihotech ME-6 and ME-6C Battery Operated C Ringers

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This Meihotech range has just been released. Made in Japan and in stock at Permathene now. They are very light weight at 1.5kg. They use PVC coated, stainless steel and galvanised C rings. The C rings are 1.8mm diameter.

Available in two types: The ME-6 closes to 8mm ID and the ME-6C closes to 5-6mm ID.


  • Fencing
  • Bird netting
  • Shade cloth
  • Poultry Farms
  • Automotive

For Gabion C Ringers, please go to: Gabion C Ringer

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