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Our main product incorporates AL-TEN™ which is a coating system comprising 10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc over mild steel wire. The coating is an average 330 grams per square meter. AL-TEN™ has excellent durability, even in coastal areas. See approximate lifespan here. An advantage with using this over stainless steel and PVC is the fact that the product blends in with the rocks and surroundings without reflecting the light. This effect can be seen with PVC coated gabions and stainless steel, the gabion cage becomes the focal point rather than the rocks, especially when viewed from the sides. The product turns a dark, non-reflective grey over a short period of time. All our AL-TEN™ mesh is manufactured in Australia. More information.

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Permathene now stock stainless steel welded mesh for gabions due to demand. Stainless steel does have excellent anti corrosion properties and has a look which many customers enjoy.

Permathene Stainless Steel Gabion is manufactured to type 316 (marine grade). We do not supply the lower grade type 304 unless specifically requested. More information.

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We now offer a USA made PVC coated gabion which incorporates a steel wire which is hot dipped galvanised followed by a coating of primer and then a fuse bonded, powder coated PVC. This is the maximum protection for a gabion and is superior to all others in severe environments where the gabion is in contact with salt water. This type of gabion is supplied in roll form.

Fuse bonded PVC powder coating of welded mesh gabions is bonded uniformly to mesh after welding to form a super skin. This prevents corrosive liquids from attacking the galvanized core wire - even in salt water. The fuse-bonding coating process eliminates residual stresses in the coating inherent in the extrusion process used by other gabion types so the PVC retains its UV protection and prevents infiltration by water or other liquids and thus prevents any subsequent migration of those liquids along the core wire. The single wire strands of welded mesh cannot move at the joint so there is no internal wire abrasion to damage the coating. More information.

Hexagonal Mesh Gabion

Hexagonal mesh or twisted wire gabions are selected based upon price (the gabions themselves are cheaper than welded mesh, although labour is generally higher) and function, for example anywhere ground is likely to subside due to erosion these types of gabions will settle with the land. They work well in revetments, erosion control, canals, etc, or anywhere that it doesn't matter how they look. Available in Galfan (5% Aluminium, 95% Zinc coated) and PVC coated.

The baskets are supplied flat pack and are semi assembled, lacing wire is supplied.

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