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Modular Gabion Systems gabion products are manufactured in the USA. Permathene has been supplying this product since 2001. MGS gabions are a fusion bonded PVC powder coated gabion which prevents corrosive liquids from attacking galvanised wire, even in salt water. PVC powder coating is bonded uniformly to welded mesh after fabrication in a process that eliminates residual stress in the coating thus reducing the damaging effect of UV radiation.

Typical applications:

Retaining walls

Gabion walls can be built with speed and economy in all circumstances and are particularly suitable for landslide control in mountainous countries and in areas with persistently bad ground conditions. Where ground is liable to subside, the capacity of gabions to deform makes them preferable to a concrete wall which would crack and collapse.


Gabion weirs, drop structures, and check dams are constructed across water courses as grade control structures, energy dissipaters, sediment collectors, as well as to form reservoirs, for water irrigation, and water supply in general. Gabion weirs are normally provided with a gabion scour protection apron both on their downstream side and at the upstream approach zone. The weir’s crest or crown is always protected with a thin layer of concrete for abrasion protection to the steel wire.


As a protective covering to slopes, riverbanks, channels, etc., to prevent erosion by weather or water, gabions will withstand alternative tension and compression without losing structural passage of water throughout the structure.

Flexible Aprons

Designed to protect superstructures against the undermining action of river or sea water, gabion aprons will closely follow the changing contours of the bed as scouring progresses, until eventually the erosion is completely sealed off. Conventional structures necessitate deep foundations taken down below the maximum scour level, and there is no guarantee that settlement of the river or sea bed will not ultimately lead to their partial or total collapse.

River Works

Originally introduced for this purpose gabions meet all the requirements for river works structures. These are to prevent erosion, reclaim land already eroded, and to protect land or property. A river wall must withstand alternating pressures from the water in front and the retained earth behind; changes in ground pressure following fluctuations in the moisture content of the soil; changes in the ground beneath it; and any attempt to undermine. In silt carrying rivers, the stonework contained by the gabions gradually becomes matted with soil and plant growth. In time the roots will penetrate through the structure and bind the stones together so effectively that a permanent and solid wall is formed. In a well designed system of gabion groins to redirect river flow, the outer ends of the groins determine the line of the new bank, and the spaces between groins will be gradually filled with deposited material until the gabion works virtually disappear. A gabion dike or wall, across the front of an eroded area will collect silt left behind by flood waters. The silt gradually builds up until the required reclamation is met without any financial outlay. Channel linings built of gabions offer self drainage, the ability to withstand thrust, flexibility, and durability. The same qualities are used to advantage in weir construction.

Coastal Defences

The pervious structure of gabions gives two advantages over impervious structures. First, when pounded by heavy masses of water, the impact, instead of being taken instantaneously, is gradually absorbed. Again, flexibility offers distinct advantages in coastal defences.

Soil Conservation

Gabion are applied here as (a) terracing on steep slopes to retain the top soil, (b) linings for the beds and sides of water courses, (c) check dams for grade reducing weirs in steeply sloping gullies or valleys.

Advantages of MGS PVC Coated Welded Gabions
Corrosion Resistance Fuse bonded PVC powder coating prevents corrosive liquids from attacking galvanised wire, even in salt water.
UV Durability PVC powder coating is bonded uniformly to welded mesh after fabrication in a process that eliminates residual stress in the coating thus reducing the damaging effect of UV radiation.
Joint Abrasion Resistance Wire connections in welded mesh do not rub against themselves at the joints so there is no internal wire abrasion between the wires to accelerate coating damage.
Repairability Damaged sections of welded mesh can be cut out and replaced without reducing the strength of the structure, plus damaged areas will not unravel.
Versatility Any size or shape can be constructed from a roll, no reason to various sizes.
Value Less material and less labour is required to build the structures.
Strength Strong. 4463 kg/ lineal meter in both directions.
Flexibility Tests show modular gabions have equal flexibility.
Installation Speed Spiral connectors and dimensional accuracy eliminate time consuming hand tying of baskets so welded baskets assemble in approximately half the time.
Material Utilisation Modular panel construction eliminates the redundant panels at basket connections thus reducing material requirements by as much as 25%.
Dimensional Accuracy Assembled baskets have dimensional accuracy of better than 1/2 %.
Ease of Installation Flat panels or rolls are quickly assembled without kinks.
Appearance Clean, more consistent lines which remain flat and won’t bulge.

Sizes and properties
Mesh opening 76mm x 76mm
Mesh wire US 12 gauge (2.7mm diameter) plus PVC coating
Lacing wire US 13 gauge (2.2mm diameter) plus PVC coating
Spiral binders US 12 gauge (2.7mm diameter) plus PVC coating
Zinc coating ASTM A-90
PVC coating The protective coating must be resistant to the destructive effects of immersion in acidic, salt, or polluted water; exposure to ultra violet light; and abrasion; and shall retain these characteristics after a period of not less than 3,000 hours under tests in accordance with ASTM G-23.
PVC coating Minimum coating 0.4 mm per side, nominal coating 0.55 mm per side
Colour Black

Standard Sizes

76mm x 76mm

Available in rolls, this gabion is designed to built by rolling out material and constructing the cages in a modular way. Roll Size: 0.99m x 91.44m.

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