Gabion Connection Methods and Tools

Building Cages using Spirals

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Spirals are the strongest method for building cages. Available in lengths of 300mm, 500mm, 1000mm. Spirals are available in both Galfan and PVC coated and are supplied in two diameters.

The advantage of using spirals besides the strength and ease of construction is that the spiral protects against sharp edges of the mesh. For any installations where people may be in contact with the gabion spirals should be used, especially playgrounds and parks. The sharp edges can be removed using a grinder or file if C rings are specified or covered by an edging such as timber but should not be left exposed.

Gabion Tool (pneumatic) Meihotech

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The Meihotech C Ring tool is one of the most reliable hog ringers available today. Made in Japan it will work where others fail. Highest quality, available ex stock.

Meihotech M-500 Brochure

Size: 500mm x 330mm x 220mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Max Load (pcs): 120
Air Pressure (MPa): 0.6 - 0.7 (87 - 101 psi)
Max Firing (pcs/min): 40
C ring closes to approximately 12mm ID

Building Cages using C Rings

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Gabion grade C rings are a heavy (3mm) wire, C shaped (not to be confused with lighter fencing style C rings). They are placed every second aperture in place of spirals. These rings require a special tool such as the Meihotech pneumatic C ringer, available for sale or for hire. Many contractors prefer this method due to cost savings. C rings are available in both Stainless Steel and Galfan (Al5Zn95).

Beware that C rings do not protect from sharp edges of the mesh in the way spirals do. It may be necessary to grind or file the sharp burrs along any cages which may be in contact with people or animals.

Gabion Tool (pneumatic U Clip tool and pliers)

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The Permathene U Clip tool makes fast work of cage construction.

Building Cages using U Clips

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U clips are made from stainless steel and are used in place of C rings for smaller, decorative walls, where the use and cost of a gabion C ringer is not practical. These clips are not as strong as C rings and spirals and are not designed for walls over 1 meter high. They blend in well with the mesh so are a great option for home use and landscaping. Tools available include pneumatic for larger projects and a hand tool (available for rental). The hand tool is free on loan (with just a deposit to cover the cost, refunded on return of tool).

Beware that as in the case of C rings the U clips will not protect against sharp edges in the same way that spirals do. It may be necessary to file or grind away any exposed burrs following cage construction to protect people and animals.

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