About Us:

Permathene Pty Ltd was founded in Australia in 2002. It has developed into a specialist company offering architectural gabions, geomembranes and related products. The company was created based upon the expertise gained by the 55 year old Permathene Ltd of New Zealand, which was founded in 1959 and was one of the first companies to produce custom fabricated geomembranes. Today Permathene NZ operates one of the largest in-house fabrication facilities in the world. Permathene Ltd of New Zealand specialises in the manufacture of baffle curtains, dam linings, damp proof course and contaminated site membranes, horticultural and agricultural films and fabrics.

Our Services

Permathene Pty Ltd is based in Mascot, Sydney 2020 and specialises in gabion, geomembrane and geotextile supply. For geomembranes we are primarily supply only without being involved in the installation or fabrication side. For installation and fabrication contact Permathene Ltd of New Zealand.

We actively seek re-sellers of our products and are able to provide reliable supply and support for those products. We do not chase after the low quality, high volume sector of business which is prevalent in the general construction and builders supply industries, rather we offer products which we believe are suitable for any given project and let the customer decide.

We export all over the world.
The New Zealand company produces geomembrane products including turbidity barriers, floating curtains, geomembrane liners, dewatering tubes, tank liners. They also manufacture reinforced sheeting for vapour barriers and greenhouses. The manufacturing and distribution is ISO 9000 and 14001 compliant.
Permathene Ltd of New Zealand is responsible for installation of geomembranes. Highly experienced and certified by the IAGI (International Association of Geomembrane Installers) the welding technicians will ensure your geomembrane is installed properly the first time. They are experts in on-site installations of HDPE, flexible polypropylene, polyethylene and geosynthetic clay liner.

Our Mission

Permathene has built its reputation and developed its expertise over the past 55 years through putting its customers first. Our mission and motivation is to continue to provide our clients with innovative and economical solutions.